Hydraulic Displacement Double Vane Pump

Hydraulic Displacement Double Vane Pump

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PVR 1050 Series Double Vane Pumps

These double pumps consists of one. PVRIT and one. PVR50 series single pumps combined in tandem within a single housing and driven by a common shaft. Fluid delivered from the two seperate ports can be either supplied to seperate or common circuits.


  • PVR1050-F-F-6-13-REAA-1180
  • PVR1050-F-F-17-26-REAA-1180
  • PVR1050-F-F-6-30-REAA-1181
  • PVR1050-F-F-6-39-REAA-1181
  • PVR1050-F-F-6-20-REAA-1182
  • PVR1050-F-F-6-45-REAA-1180
  • PVR1050-F-F-4-26-REAA-1180
  • PVR1050-F-F-10-45-REAA-1180
  • PVR1050-F-F-17-39-REAA-1180
  • PVR1050-F-F-17-20-REAA-1181
  • PVR1050-F-F-17-45-REAA-1180
  • PVR1050-F-F-15-45-REAA-1180
  • PVR1050-F-F-17-30-REAA-1180
  • PVR1050-F-F-15-39-REAA-1180
  • PVR1050-F-F-12-39-REAA-1180
  • PVR1050-F-F-12-30-REAA-1180