Fixed Displacement Vane Pump YUKEN

Fixed Displacement Vane Pump YUKEN

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PVRIT Series Single Vane Pumps

These Pumps are widely used as a source of hydraulic power. They combine stable performance and robust construction with a wide range of delivery rates.

Other model with different flow rates in PVR1T SERIES  YUKEN MAKE
  • PVR1T-4-F-RA-2080  YUKEN
  • PVR1T-6-F-RA-2080  YUKEN
  • PVR1T-8-F-RA-2080 YUKEN
  • PVR1T-10-F-RA-2080 YUKEN
  • PVR1T-12-F-RA-2080 YUKEN
  • PVR1T-15-F-RA-2080 YUKEN
  • PVR1T-17-F-RA-2080 YUKEN